Kunst uden Rammer (Art)

Take a walk in the past

Galleri Kunst uden Rammer (Art without Frames) is a gallery composed of different artists. The artists work individually in their own studios and make collective exhibits at the gallery. Kunst uden Rammer is worth the visit if you like to spend lots of time losing yourself in art. At Galleri Kunst uden Rammer, you are guaranteed a pleasant experience in a warm atmosphere. It is even possible to have a chat about the art and the artists in the gallery along with a cup of coffee.

Kunst uden Rammer wishes to cover a wide field and have a wide appeal, so the artists in the gallery create both paintings, photographs, jewellery, glassware, wickerwork and much more.

For more information, call +45 98 35 10 18 or visit Kunst uden Rammer's website...

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