Take a walk in the past

KUBEN is a 6x6x6 m large, transparent glass cube, which functions as a nerve centre for cultural events of any kind in Horsens city centre. All year round it is used as a stage for concerts and theatres, as a rehearsal room or exhibition venue for the city’s cultural - , sports- and club life. KUBEN is carbon neutral, and is powered solely by sun cells on its roof.

KUBEN can be used by everyone and is free to borrow, as long as you take care to treat it and its surroundings with respect, which means, for instance, to keep the sound at a responsible level, and to make sure that KUBEN, and the area around it, nice and clean.

KUBEN is part of a city council initiative, called Maerk Byen. The objective is, to encourage the creation of cultural events in the city, making Horsens city centre a more vibrant and entertaining place to be.

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