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There are plenty of shopping opportunities just in a few minutes’ walk from the hotel. The rooms overlook the city center, the river Stora and the new Music Theatre. Hotel Royal Holstebro offers different kinds of stays ranging from golf to culture stays.

Den Røde Plads 10, 7500 Holstebro

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  • Central Denmark
  • Jutland
  • City Break

Hotel Facilities

  • Free wifi
  • Airport: 45 km
  • Train: 1.5 km
  • 40 Rooms

Enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink at the bar

The hotel is part of the alliance with Best Western Hotels & Resorts.

In the middle of the city lies the modern and desirable Hotel Royal, which is characterized by its unique location, which means fantastic views from all the hotel's inviting rooms. Central location and large beautiful rooms with breathtaking views, are just some of what Hotel Royal pampers its guests with.

View of city and nature
The first thing guests encounter is the building's impressive 27-metre-high glass spire, which is adorned by the sculpture the sun chariot. Everywhere there is something good to look at during a stay at Hotel Royal. The rooms either have a view of the buzzing city life or the flowing Storeå, which runs through the whole of Holstebro.

Large spacious rooms
The hotel has 40 rooms spread over 3 floors. All rooms are very spacious, airy and bright. The smallest is a whopping 24 square meters in size! The style in the rooms is Nordic, calm and classically modern. The beds are extremely comfortable and the view is always top notch.

Outdoor terrace and bar environment
When the weather permits, guests can enjoy the Danish sun on the hotel's outdoor terrace. If the weather calls for an indoor stay, there is also a bar in the hotel. The area is called the "Minibar" and here you can order many delicacies from drinks to smoothies - with and without alcohol. And of course also hot drinks.

Active stay
If guests want to exercise, the hotel offers free access to the nearby gym, Motion & Wellbeing.

Denmark's nicest trading town
The modern and cozy Hotel Royal is located in the heart of Holstebro, close to the Music Theater and within walking distance of the town's many shops. Holstebro has previously won the title of Denmark's friendliest trading town.


Den Røde Plads 10
7500 Holstebro

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Attractions nearby of Hotel Royal - SDH Partner Hotel

  • Photo: Holstebro Kommune

    The Tobacconist´s Dream

    0.01 km

    The project The Tobacconist´s Dream consists of some 36 sculptures sited over three different venues in Holstebro: Den Røde Plads, Færch Torvet and Hotel Royal/The Music Theater.
    The initiative for the project was taken by the hotelkeeper Jens Richard Pedersen in 1993 after a journey to St. Petersburg in Russia, where the impression of the sculptures at the Winter Palace gave inspiration to placing the sculptures on and around the hotel and the Music Theater in Holstebro.

    The artistic management of the project is in the hands of the artistic group Krukako consisting of Hans Krull (Denmark), Dimitri Kaminker (Russia) and Leonid Kaminker (Ukraine). The group thematically took inspiration from The Odin Theatre in Holstebro and their working methods occured, a method, which is normally only seen within theatre and music. The experiment has therefore forced the artists out in a democratic working process with the mythology, and the world of the archetypes.

    The name "The Tobacconist´s Dream" is meant as a tribute to the cigar makers at the tobacco factory that Rasmus Færch established in Holstebro in 1869. The former cultural director of Holstebro Municipality, Hans Kr. Didriksen, tells in his preface "The Tobacconist´s Dream - a story about the individual, Holstebro and the whole world":

    "Ebbe Kløvedal Reich's narrative justifies the project's title. In other words, the tobacco worker is a cosmopolitan figure, he is the symbol of the free experience and a dreamer who helped to make a mark on Holstebro's cultural, social and political life".

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  • Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

    Danish National Guard Museum

    0.04 km

    At the historic centre of the Danish Home Guard, we take you back to the brave Danes in the resistance movement, to the post-war years and the situation during the Cold War. You will gain a rare insight into the extent of the support, the Danish Home Guard has provided for Denmark over the years. Experience our many exhibitions of uniforms, equipment, flags, recruitment posters, badges etc. and listen to live stories told by those who were there.

    Free admittance.


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  • Photo: Edwin Lat Lat

    The Basilisk

    0.06 km

    Walk down the ramp to the right and look under the bridge over Storå in Holstebro. Here you find the granite sculpture "The Basilisk" by Paul Madsen Cederdorff.

    According to an old legend, a mean worm - the Basilisk - lived under the the bridge. The worm was so mean and evil that he ate everybody who tried to cross the brigde. One day a knight came to town. His name was Holst. Holst fought the worm which at the end became so scared that he turned into a rock under the bridge, and here you find him today.

    As a tribute to Holst, the town was named after him - Holstebro.

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  • Photo: VisitHolstebro

    The Music Theatre

    0.1 km

    In other words: The beautiful theatre and concert hall has an abundance of shows for every taste! Here, the greatest Danish stars perform with dance, comic, lectures, and plays. More than 100 cultural events are held every year in the theatre.

    The restaurant in the Music Theatre offers different buffets in connection to concerts and shows. Pamper yourself with a delicious collation before the event - and enjoy a cold beer or drink in the neighbouring bars. You can easily combine your cultural entertainment with a hotel night in the close by Best Western Hotel Royal and Hotel Schaumburg in walking distance of the theatre. 

    Find your next event in Musikteatret Holstebro in the programme


    The Building

    There was a wish that the music theater was presentable and interesting to look at, but it should also work optimally as a theater building. 

    Several different architects were involved before reaching the final result. In 1989, the firm 3 x Nielsen conceived an extensive facade renovation, and in 2006 Kjær and Richter delivered the drawings, which radically changed the hall and incorporated Storå in the appearance of the house, where the foyer is set to become a link between the northern and southern part of the city.

    The new building still contains parts from the Holstebro Hall from 1966, and unlike many other cultural buildings, the music theater was realized within the budget that was set.


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  • Photo: VisitHolstebro


    0.12 km

    "Acceleration" is a sculptural decoration by B. Lynge Larsen and N. C. Frandsen, located at the Bomhuset in Holstebro in 1986.

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  • The Monument of Fire

    0.13 km

    Near Giestgivergaarden Phønix you find the Fire Monument. It's really just a big stone, but carved into it is a series of human fates.

    "Holstebro has been burned to the ground several times, and in 1986 there was a sculptor, Eigil Westergaard, who made a monument to commemorate the people and buildings that were lost in the fires," explains tour guide Ruth Lovmand Rasmussen.

    "After the last big fire, which was in the 1700s, it was decided that the church bell should ring every evening at 10 o'clock. - This to remind the citizens that they should turn off their fireplaces now and go to rest," says Ruth Lovmand Rasmussen.

    "1986 was the 250th anniversary of the Great Fire on July 22, 1733. The Fire Monument tells of the great fires which from 1552 to 1794 repeatedly put Holstebro in ashes."

    Join Ruth or one of the other tour guides on a free city walk to the art of Holstebro on Wednesdays at 1 pmin July and August starting from Woman on Cart. The tour goes by e.g. Woman on Cartthe Citizens of Holstebro, and Metal Boar.

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  • Photo: Holstebro Turistbureau

    The Florentine Boar

    0.14 km

    The Florentine Boar on the Brotorvet in central Holstebro is a replica of the famous bronze boar in Florence, which Pietro Tacca cast in 1639 to Marcato Nuovo. The original boar was created from a marble sculpture found in the earth in Rome in 1550. In Florence, the boar is a mascot, and it was supposed to bring happiness by rubbing the boar's snout and throwing a coin into the basin. From the mouth of the boar, water runs down into the water basin with frogs, grass snakes, bees and a turtle. You also find copies of the bronze boar in the Netherlands, Sydney in Australia and on Vancouver Island in Canada.

    After visiting Florence and seeing the original, Hans Christian Andersen wrote the adventure "The Boar in Florence".

    In Holstebro, Hardernes Y's Men’s Club has found inspiration in the above and made a wish well at the Metal Boar on Brotorvet. By throwing a coin in the well, you support a good purpose. Unlike most other wells, there is a guarantee that wishes will be met! If one does not get his / her own wish fulfilled, one contributes to the fact that children with cancer will have a wish fulfilled.

    You can get the story of the artwork on the free city walks with a guide to the art in Holstebro, which takes place on Wednesdays in July and August. The tours start at 13:00 at "Woman on Cart" at The Old Town Hall in Nørregade and lasts approx. hour and a half. Participation is free and does not require registration.



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  • Photo: Holstebro Turistbureau

    Gæstgivergården Phønix

    0.14 km

    In 1904 the old inn in Holstebro was bought by Niels Chr. Breinholt and rebuilt into the building that stands there today. Now the Giestgivergaarden Phønix serves as a historic restaurant in the old Holstebro. In 1868, the inn, as a foundry for the foundry, opened, with a lot of thirsty foundry workers lying just across the street. Here you can enjoy a delicious dinner in the cozy old rooms with the same cozy atmosphere as back then.

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  • Lion of Bornholm

    0.16 km

    For pharmacists Per Østerbye's 50th birthday, his wife got the idea for this artwork, which should wanted in their garden. However, the pharmacist wanted it differently and thought that the Egyptian-inspired lion should stand in front of the Lion Pharmacy. The wife, Grete, went along with it and now it is placed in front of the pharmacy where it adorns the entrance. The reason for it being Bornholm granite used for the sculpture is because Per Østerbye comes from Bornholm (Bornholm is a small danish island in the Baltic sea).

    When Per Østerbye retired in 2000, he handed a gift certificate to Mayor Kurt Nygaard. As it turns out, "Lion of Bornholm" is now part of Holstebro Municipality's art collection and fund and will continue to be located at its current location at the Lion Pharmacy or may be moved to another appropriate location.

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  • Photo: Holstebro Turistbureau

    The Magic Cliff

    0.17 km

    Magic Cliff (1994) by GAIA Design. The cliff, which isn't a real cliff at all, is a fiber-reinforced concrete illusion which you can explore inside and out.

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