Karen Margrethe Johnsen's studio

Take a walk in the past

Painting, textiles and crop cover cloth…
Artist Karen Margrethe Johnsen paints and creates works using textiles and crop cover cloth.

During special events, such as the Lejre cultural festival at Whitsun or the Roskilde/Lejre Art Festival, the studio is transformed into a gallery selling both small and larger works.

Guided tours or presentations of various techniques can be specially arranged for groups, art societies or similar organizations. Coffee/tea can be provided, for example if guests bring packed lunches.

Come and explore a working studio.

Please phone for an appointment.

In the area around Lejre there are other studios and galleries to visit, some of which Karen Margrethe Johnsen works with.

Where to find the studio
Karen Margrethe Johnsen's studio is situated in the garden next to her house in Lejre. Her medium is painting on canvas and paper, although her recent works are made using textiles and crop cover cloth, heated using a heat gun and sewed on a machine.


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