Karen Blixen Museet - De nordiske norner

Take a walk in the past


17 May – 29 December 2019

The Karen Blixen Museum is honouring authors Selma Lagerlöf (Sweden), Sigrid Undset (Norway), and Karen Blixen (Denmark). The three writers stand as luminous Nordic icons with their immortal works. The fates of their characters unfold in the way the Norns of Norse mythology fixed human destinies, benevolent and destructive.


”The Nordic Norns” is staged in Karen Blixen’s old drying loft, built in the 1700s. Scenographer and costume designer Maja Ravn has created a total installation among the old wooden beams and clotheslines, where nature’s erotic forces and the devil surge forth.


Like the Norns, Sigrid Undset arouses sinful sensuality in Kristin Lavransdatter; Selma Lagerlöf bestows a forbidden love, ironworks, and a beggar’s staff upon the mannish majoress of Ekeby, while Karen Blixen archly transforms the prioress who governs Closter Seven.


The fates of these women are conjured amongst mysterious powers and mythological nature, knotted with the erotic, devilry, and sin. In a Blixenian way, reality, narrative, and the forces of nature are intertwined in Maja Ravn’s literary imagination.


The Karen Blixen Museum is celebrating these three authors along with the affiliated writer’s homes -- Sigrid Undset’s home Bjerkebæk and Selma Lagerlöf’s Mårbacka -- as well as the Norwegian Festival of Literature.

Photographer Natascha Thiara Rydvald.

Graphic designer: Mette Secher.


Maja Ravn (born 1967) was trained as a scenographer and costume designer at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in 1993 and has been affiliated with the Royal Danish Theatre since 1997. In 2008, she received a Reumert prize for scenography for Strindberg’s A Dream Play at the Betty Nansen Theatre. More recently, she has been the scenographer and costume designer on Orlando at the Betty Nansen Theatre, Amadeus at the Royal Danish Theatre, and Shakespeare in Love at Østerbro Theatre.


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