Hornbæk Lake

Take a walk in the past

Hornbæk Lake is a scenic gem located right in the middle of Hornbæk. A recreational area that offers a walking trail with nature-fitness posts around the lake, and the possibility of angling if you buy a special fishing license.

Hornbæk Lake is 11.8 hectares. The deepest part of the lake is 3.6 meters at the northern shore, about one to one and a half meters at the south. The average depth of the lake is 1.8 meters. The lake is listed since 1941 and is owned by Hornbæk Waterworks.

Today the fishing rights are leased by the angling association "Gedden", which monitors and renew the stock of fish in the lake, where you may find pike, perch, zander, bream, eel and carp.

Fishing licenses can be purchased at Hornbæk Library, Vestre Stejlebakke 2 A, 3100 Hornbæk.

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