Take a walk in the past

Hjarnø Island is located by the mouth of Horsens Fjord, close to the charming harbour Snaptun. You can access the island via the ferry “Hjarnø”, which 25 times a day sails the 5 minute trip. Reservations are not necessary.

Hjarnø is a flat moraine island from the last glacial period. It’s highest point is almost 7 metres. Currents, bringing fresh water to Horsens Fjord, have created belts of new land on the North and South side of the island. Simultaneously, the water slowly “eats” its way into the southeast side, leaving the island with argillaceous coast line cliffs. Thus, the shape of Hjarnø is continually changing, yet very slowly.The main part of the island is fields and only by Hjarnø town, on the northern part of the island, is a small hardwood forest. Along the coast is a long belt of salt meadow, which previously was used as grazing areas. The planting is sparse, thus anywhere on the island there is a great view of the landscape and the surrounding ocean.

The island has an exciting history. There has been found arrow heads dating back to 9500 BC, and sometimes ancient artefacts wash up on the shore.In spite of the island small size there are great opportunities to enjoy a varied nature. On the southeast side of the island the ocean eats into the coast and leaves steep cliffs.On the southern part of the island there are marked trail for hiking.It is possible to spend the night at Hjarnø Camping, which is a small and cosy camping site. You can rent cabins or use the shelter area. The camping site is located next to the church.  


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