Go exploring in the Botanical Gardens greenhouses

Take a walk in the past

Inside the huge dome in the Greenhouses (Væksthusene) you can prowl along narrow paths and almost get lost amid the tall trees and wild plants. But mind where you go! Some of the plants are carnivorous.

Botany and nature in focus

Explore 4 different climate zones with beautiful flowers and impressive plants. You can even hear stories of nature's wealth and influence in our daily lives. If you dare, you can get all the way up into the treetops and look down far below on to the trees, plants, and flowers far beneath your feet.

Enjoy a light lunch in the café

If you begin to feel hungry you can take your mum and dad into the Greenhouses Café, a small oasis in the heart of the city. Here you can all enjoy delicious light lunch dishes and scrumptious cakes.

There is free admission to the Greenhouses. 

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