Gardener Garden

Take a walk in the past

Gartnerhaven is a large garden with many different flowers and herbs. The garden is divided into 10 "sections" each of which has got a name and a short description of the area and what ideas behind.

1 - Driveway and parking area.

2 - Perennial Garden and theme gardens.

3 - The orchard and herb garden.

4 - The kitchen garden and waterlilly lake.

5 - Oaks and conifer collection.

6 - Opening.

7 - Oasis.

8 - The front garden and Rhododendron Valley.

9 - The patio and activity area.

10 - The courtyard.

Opening hours: See Gartnerhaven's homepage.

Admission DKK 25. Cash only.

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VisitNordvestkysten, Holstebro
VisitNordvestkysten, Holstebro