Gallows Hill

Take a walk in the past

Criminals were executed here – thieves were hanged with the loot on their backs and murderers were decapitated.

The last execution at Bjerrelide or Gallows Hill, was of the murderer Søren Bundgaard Rasmussen, who was decapitated on December 16th, 1856.

On January 29th, 1856, he was convicted at the court in Bjerre to be decapitated and have his head put on a pole. He appealed the conviction, but the appeal was denied at the court in Viborg and later by the high court.

3,5 years after the murder of the 14 year old girl, Maren Kirstine Abrahamsdatter, Søren Bundgaard was executed by decapitation on Gallows Hill on Bjerrelide.

He was transported there in an open horsecarriage laying on straw in the bottom of the carriage. When he saw the gathering crowd he yelled: “ Don’t worry – nothing will happen until I arrive.”

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