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Take a walk in the past

Tine’s paintings are like her songs – honest and straightforward. Based on the stories of the colours, the paintings are created, containing gentleness and ferocity.

“Life is colourful and filled with hope and joy. But there are also dark aspects to life where severity and grief takes over – life is lived where all the different nuances meet, and it is these moments that I am trying to express through my canvas”.

Tine Mynster is trained as a musician and a self-taught painter.

Galleri Mynster regularly arrange concerts hosted by Tine Mynster. The invited guest musicians are all songwriters with something to say. Musicians and audience are close to each other, and magic is in the air at the old school on Alrø on these evenings.

Tine Mynster lives with her husband and two sons in the old school at the island of Alrø, and this is where her colourful artworks are painted.

Alrø Gamle Skole (the old school on Alrø) was built in 1911 and functioned as school for the few children on Alrø until 1979. Since then, the school has been privately owned residence. Tine Mynster and her family have lived there since 2006 – and since day one, the school has been the rallying ground for the musical world of the family.

The gallery is open Sat.-Sun. 14-17 from May 1. To Oct. 1. Moreover, the gallery is open when the sign is out by the road.

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