Brorfelde Observatory

Take a walk in the past

Brorfelde Observatory is the largest star observatory in Denmark. Bring the entire family on a scientific day of discovery and exploration, where your curiosity will peak and where all questions are welcome.

In what could be termed the golden age for astronomers, from 1953-1996, Brorfelde Observatory was one of the most modern observatories in the world. Here some of the worlds best telescopes were built. 

Explore the stars

Each year, on select dates, Brorfelde Observatory invites you to explore the stars. Together we will learn about astronomy through fun activities in the workshop and stare up in the starry night from hammocks on one of the highest places on Zealand in Denmark. We will hear the stories of the stars and mankind's trip to the moon and we will walk into a dome, where large telescopes zoom into the farthest places in the universe.   

Experience the landscape

At Brorfelde Observatory you are invited to explore the landscape around you. Learn about geology while you walk around in the landscape, shaped by the Ice Age. The domes of the observatory are placed on the very top of the hill, with a stunning view of the landscape. Access to the top of the hill is free, so you can explore it on your own or pay for entrance to hear the exciting tales about the historic observatory.

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