Andkær Vig – campfire site

Take a walk in the past

Facilities: Campfire site, BBQ, tables and benches

Number of persons: Room for 10-12 persons in the open

Toilet: Yes – from Easter until week 42

Access to water: No

Access to firewood: Yes

Other facilities: 3 shelters that can be booked via A signposted trail leads to Sellerup Skov.

Parking: Skovly 121, Andkær, 7080 Børkop

Fire safety: Avoid starting fires in nature when making bonfires and grilling. Find information about burning bans and good advice from the Danish Emergency Management Agency at Fire Weather Index (

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Destination Trekantområdet – VisitVejle
Destination Trekantområdet – VisitVejle

  • Andkær Vig – campfire site
  • Skovly 121, Andkær
    7080 Børkop
  • Phone. (+45)