Alrø Church

Take a walk in the past

Beautifully situated church with a view of Horsens Fjord. The church is quite distinctive. Although it is Romanesque in appearance, it in fact dates from the late Middle Ages, probably c. 1400. The porch (Gothic) is thought to have been added after the Reformation.

The only item remaining from the original church fittings is the font. This is, however, unmatched anywhere else in Denmark. It features four carved beasts in a crouching position, their feet turned outwards and their arms spread wide, crossing those of the adjacent figure. Between the beasts, four birds can be seen - two with their wings outspread and two with their wings folded.
The pulpit is of a newer date.

The Renaissance altarpiece is of the type known as a catechism panel, with inscriptions that in this case include the entire text of the Eucharist. The altarpiece is the work of Mikkel Snedker and dates from 1619.

Intimate and nice interior of a church with a modern lighting.

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