Æbelholt Abbey Museum

Take a walk in the past

The Saint of North Sealand

The abbey's first abbot was the legendary Abbot Vilhelm, who in 1224 was canonised as St. Vilhelm. He has gone down in history as "Saint of North Sealand".

Skeletons on exhibition

Archaeological excavations in the 1930-60 exposed the abbey's foundations and approximately 800 skeletal tombs. The abbey is among the largest Nordic medieval cemeteries. Some of the tombs are displayed in the museum, which also has other finds from the excavations.

100 different medicinal herbs

In addition to the museum, there is a garden with over 100 different medicinal herbs.

Æbelholt Abbey Market

Around St. Vilhelm's feast day on June 16 every year a large abbey market was held where traders, artisans, pilgrims, jesters and beggars met.
This tradition is continued by Museum North Sealand each year, a weekend in June. The festive Æbelholt Abbey Market offers medieval entertainment, singing and music, archery competitions in crossbow and longbow and stalls selling everything from leather, fur, beads and jewellery to culinary pleasures from medieval times.


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