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Includes per person per stay:

  • 1 x overnight accommodation
  • 1 x drink in the hotel bar
  • 1 x dinner at Restaurant Pingvin (Midi Tapas: 4 tapas courses + dessert) or at restaurant Fisk og Skaldyr (3-Course dinner.

More about Kompas Hotel Aalborg

KOMPAS Hotel Aalborg offers 111 rooms. With easy access to the motorway, and centrally located close to Aalborg's new waterfront, the location is ideal for a stay in the North Jutland capital. You have every opportunity to discover Aalborg's cozy pedestrian streets and enjoy the city's many cafes and restaurants.

Østerbro 27, 9000 Aalborg
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  • Free wifi
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  • Parking fee
  • Non smoking
  • Airport: 6,6 km
  • 111 Rooms

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Attractions nearby of Stay with dinner

  • Photo: Destination Nord

    Kunsthal NORD

    0.2 km

    Kunsthal NORD features Danish and international art of high quality, which is focused on new trends in different regional art scenes. Kunsthal NORD is an active and innovative partner at the scene of contemporary art, featuring mostly artists who create something new and unique.

    Dialogue is the key word at Kunsthal NORD, and with the audience at the centre, Kunsthal NORD is Aalborg’s innovative knowledge and learning platform for debate, communication and conversation about the currently featured art. You can see the current exhibitions on Kunsthal NORD’s website.

    Exhibitions at Kunsthal NORD

    Every year Kunsthal NORD produces up to eight thematic exhibitions which feature new boundary pushing art and cross multiple artistic mediums, generations and regional borders.

    Kunsthal NORD is funded by Aalborg municipality, Kulturaftale Nordjylland and the Art Council, however they also collaborate with a number of other institutions and organisations. Visiting Kunsthal NORD is free of charge.

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  • Photo: Utzon Center

    Utzon Center

    0.6 km

    In the middle of Aalborg Waterfront, you will find the beautiful Utzon Center. A building created by the world-renowned and award-winning architect Jørn Utzon in collaboration with his son Kim Utzon. The work was completed in 2008 and was the last work by Jørn Utzon before his death the same year.

    At the Utzon Center you can experience exciting exhibitions in beautiful surroundings. Here the architecture is brought to life, and to a degree where all your senses can come into play. In other words, the Utzon Center integrates the architecture with your body - exactly in the spirit in which Jørn Utzon created the center. The exhibitions include the permanent 'Utzon Gallery', which guides you through Jørn Utzon's life and career, as well as other changing exhibitions. In addition, the center also offers tours, lectures and events.

    Jørn Utzon's source of inspiration

    The inspiration behind Jørn Utzon's architectural wonders, including the Utzon Center, must be found in his upbringing in Aalborg - the several cement factories inspired Jørn Utzon to let concrete become an essential element in his later architecture, while the sea, ships and the shipyard where his father worked was a vital source of inspiration throughout his life. The Utzon Center is a perfect example of this special approach to creating in both architecture and design.

    Jørn Utzon comes home

    With the growing interest in Utzon's work, it is appropriate that Utzon Center is built on the waterfront of his hometown Aalborg, right in the middle of the maritime environment that inspired his early development. It is Jørn Utzon's wish that Utzon Center should not be a museum, but rather an active and dynamic focal point for architecture, design and art. Therefore, it is also obvious that the center will be established in connection with the Department of Architecture and Design at Aalborg University. In correlation with Jørn Utzon's humanistic approach to architecture, Utzon Center is not constructed as a monumental building, but as a series of smaller pavilions built around a courtyard environment, so it is possible to sit outside sheltered from the Limfjord winds that Jørn Utzon recalls from his childhood.

    A culinary experience with a magnificent view

    As a guest at the Utzon Center, you can complete your eventful day with unique gastronomy. This can be done at Restaurant JØRN, which in addition to a culinary experience of fresh and seasonal ingredients, also offers a beautiful view of the Limfjord.

    Utzon Park

    If you go for a walk around the Utzon Center, you are in Utzon Park. A park that lets the green nature become a natural part of the otherwise grey waterfront. In the park, which is surrounded by beautiful trees, you will find dormitory housing and concrete benches, all created on Jørn Utzon's ideas. The benches were originally intended for the foyer of the Sydney Opera House.

    Read more about the Utzon Center…

    Presentation in English

    At Utzon Center, various signs, displays audible elements are presented in English. Brochures and written information is available and guided tours can be arranged to accomodate English speaking guests.

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  • Photo: Enjoy Nordjylland

    Vor Frue Kirke - Church of Our Lady

    0.65 km

    The current church building is from 1878, which was when the original church was torn down as it was decrepit. The church inspired by the Romanesque Revival is located in the midst of the old Aalborg, surrounded by old buildings. When the church was built in the beginning of the 1100s, it was called 'Mariakirken' and it was part of the Benedictine abbey in the eastern part of town. In the western gable of the church, you can see a beautiful granite portal from the original church. This granite portal is considered the oldest work of art in Aalborg.

    Vor Frue Kirke's tower

    The tower has been maintained, however it was faced with the same stone as the original church was built of. The same goes for the Scheelske chapel. The Pentzske chapel was rebuilt and the remains – a beautiful epitaph from 1615 from the third chapel – was placed here. A huge part of the fixture comes from the original church, except the altar which burned in 1902 and was replaced in 1908. The church has room for 600 people. 

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  • Photo: VisitAalborg

    The Danish Emigration Archives

    0.68 km

    The Danish Emigration Archives are the Danish central collection of emigration history. The archives include memoirs, letters, manuscripts, photographs and books of Danish emigrants around the world.

    Since it was founded on the 3th of July 1932, the goal of the Danish Emigration Archives has been to protect the part of Danish history that involves countrymen that have travelled abroad to seek happiness in a foreign country.

    Max Henius – the man in charge

    Max Henius, who also came up with the idea of the 4th of July party in Rebild Bakker, is the man behind this archive. During the first years, the archive mainly focused on Danes emigrating to America. This is due to the fact that up until then, most of the Danish emigration was to the States and Henius himself had experienced great success as a businessman in Chicago.

    Captivating stories from the archive

    The collection dates back to the 1880’s and shows personal letters and other materials from famous actors including Poul Reumert and Ingrid Bergman, American presidents, prime ministers of Denmark, politicians, the royal family and many others, domestic and foreign.

    Histories in the archive are both touching and captivating to read, as they give an insight into what it means to leave your home and family behind and move to an new and unknown place. But being thousands of kilometres away from home has giving many people a better life than the one they had in Denmark.

    Opening hours of the reading room

    The reading room is open during the archive’s opening hours.

    Read more about The Danish Emigration Archives in Aalborg...

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  • Photo: VisitAalborg

    Jomfru Ane Park

    0.95 km

    The western side of the park consists of a pavement area where visitors can play football, basketball and much more. The new café offers outdoor serving and there is a playground for the youngest kids. The eastern side of the park focuses more on recreation. Here you can find a small city garden with different plant and trees. It is also on this side that you can find the sunbathing area.

    Aalborg harbor pool

    In 2011, a new outdoor harbor pool opened next to the park. Here you can take a swim in the summertime. There are changing facilities and a sauna next to the pool. There are small basins for children and a bigger basin for adults and exercise swimmers as well as a diving tower.

    The waterfront and Jomfru Ane Park are thought of as a collective whole. You can also see this in the chosen materials and the special light that the architects used.

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  • Photo: Ard Jongsma

    Aalborg Historical Museum

    1.06 km

    At Aalborg Historical Museum you can experience Aalborg’s fascinating story, going all the way back to when the city was founded 1200 years ago.

    Aalborg Historical Museum focuses on the story of Aalborg and its surroundings during the last 1000 years. The earliest findings originate from a thorough excavation conducted by the museum itself in 2007-2008, where archaeologists carefully scrutinized 4 meters of soil. Another particular attraction is Aalborgstuen (the Aalborg livingroom) from 1602 - the best preserved piece of Bourgeois Renaissance interior in the country.

    The exhibition even includes the 20th century, a time when Aalborg was a blossoming industrial town. Back then, Aalborg was home to many factories, producing a broad array of items, including shoes, ice cream, brooms and TVs – all of which can be experienced at the museum.

    Many Activities
    All year round, Aalborg Historical Museum arranges many different activities, including guided tours, a book fair, Mill days, beer tasting, activities for children and much more.

    Read more about Aalborg Historical Museum here...

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  • Photo: Nicolas Cho Meier


    1.33 km

    In the park, classical pieces of work by famous sculptors can be seen alongside the impressive fountain which visitors in the park can admire while walking around in the scenic surroundings close to the centre of the city.

    Events in the park

    A very popular open air stage is located in Kildeparken. In the summer, several events of international standards take place, attracting visitors from all over the world. Among other events, Kildeparken hosts Aalborg Karneval, which takes place each year in May.

    The Park of Music

    In Kildeparken, you can also find the Park of Music. Here, famous artists have planted trees for Aalborg Culture and Congress Centre (AKKC) since 1987. Essentially this means that when an artist has played a concert at AKKC, they plant a tree. In front of these trees are speakers that you can activate by pressing a button, and a live recording from the artist's concert in Aalborg will start playing. 

    Activities for children

    Besides the activities already mentioned, a modern playground for children is located in the park too.  Each year, in connection with the carnival, a separate children’s carnival takes place in the park in May.

    Whether you are into art, cosiness, carnivals, green areas or music, Kildeparken always has something to offer.

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  • Photo: VisitAalborg

    Signalbakken - Signal Hill

    1.48 km

    From different excavations, there is evidence that people from the early Stone Age have been living at Signalbakken (the Signal Hill).  

    The name, Signalbakken, comes from the last half of the 1800s when a signal mast, signalling the arrival of ships from Copenhagen to Aalborg, was placed on the hill.

    Signalbakken is now the only thing left of the vast moor and pasture area that once grew around Aalborg.

    Signalbakken was preserved in 1969 and since 2009, Vejgård Plejelaug has taken care of the maintenance of Signalbakken in cooperation with Vejgård Council, the Danish Society of Nature Conservation and Aalborg Municipality. 

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  • Photo: Destination NORD

    Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

    1.82 km

    Kunsten – the Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg – has recently been renovated, leaving the architectural gem with a new look when it reopened in 2016. The building is in a league of its own internationally, and it was designed by the world famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in collaboration with Elissa Aalto and Jean-Jacques Baruël.

    Kunsten opened in 1972, but after the renovation it looks as if it was built just yesterday. The thorough renovation brought along a new gallery, new classrooms, a new café and shop, and a new large terrace. In addition, 317 tons of marble have been replaced, both on the inside and on the outside of the museum. This means that both locals and tourists flock to the museum in Aalborg to go on an adventure in the incredible building and to see the unique collection of both modern and contemporary art. A system of moveable walls makes it possible to adjust the size and appearance of the galleries depending on the requirements of the specific exhibition. In addition, the museum is famous for allowing natural light into the building trough unique parabola-shaped skylight constructions.

    A high-quality holistic experience is a guarantee at Kunsten, whether you visit the galleries, the shop or the café, and there is every reason to look forward to a visit to Kunsten.

    Alvar Aalto’s famous museum has been updated

    Is it possible to do a thorough renovation of a preserved building without destroying the original architecture? This was the difficult challenge faced by Kunsten prior to the renovation in 2015.

    Kunsten is an architectural gem dressed in white marble. The museum holds a unique collection of modern art and changing art exhibitions from both Danish and international artists. The collection is, however, not the only unique feature – the building is unique as well. It is the only museum outside of Finland designed by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

    In 1957, he made the first sketches of the museum in collaboration with Elissa Aalto and Jean-Jacques Baruël. The result was a museum beautiful enough to qualify as a work of art in itself. The building is light and organic, and everywhere the materials are unique with custom-made Aalto copper lamps hanging from the ceilings, and marble floors and outer walls.

    Kunsten is a preserved building, and the plans to renovate the building thoroughly came as a surprise to many.

    A modern and functional museum

    Erik Møller Arkitekter, a company with plenty of experience, carried out the renovation. The company has, for example, been in charge of renovating The Royal Danish Theatre and Amalienborg, the royal palace, in Copenhagen. Their ambition was to create a modern and functional museum within the existing frame. The project cost 130 million DKK and it was finished in January 2016, when the museum reopened.

    With help from the New Carlsberg Foundation, Kunsten has expanded its collection with six notable international works of art. The museum already holds an extensive, international art collection and this has now been strengthened with the addition of six new works of art.

    The six pieces were created between the 1930s and today. In Kunsten’s collection, you will find the only two pieces by Michelangelo Pistoletto owned by Danish museums, and with the gift from the New Carlsberg Foundation, yet another Michelangelo Pistoletto piece has been added: a large mirror installation, which will be part of the permanent collection at the museum. 

    The new works of art include the mirror installation “Eleven Less One” (2009-2014) by Michelangelo Pistoletto, “Udbud og Efterspørgsel” (Supply and Demand) (1969) by Asger Jorn, “Hun har mistillid” (She has mistrust) (1965) and “Uden titel (Tintin Det Sorte Guld) (No title (Tintin The Black Gold)) from 1968 by Per Kirkeby. In addition, “Rød Maske” (Red Mask”) (1939) by Eigill Jacobsen and “Marriage” (2004) by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset are included as well.

    Read more about Kunsten in Aalborg...

    Presentation in English

    Around the museum, signs and displays are written in English. Temporary exhibitions are often accompanied by information in text, audio or via QR-codes; this will also be available in English. Brochures and written information in English are provided, and guided tours can be arranged to accomodate English speaking guests.

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  • Photo: Enjoy Nordjylland

    Aalborg Tower

    1.95 km

    As the Aalborg Tower is located on Skovbakken, the platform is 105 meters above sea level. From here, you can enjoy the view with a snack or a drink from the bistro. To get into the Aalborg Tower, you have to ring the bell which is placed on the tower, and an elevator is sent down. The elevator is the highest outdoor elevator of the North of Europe and is an experience in itself.

    A view for everyone

    The bistro has room for 50 guests, but don’t worry: there is view enough for everyone. The 360° panoramic view of Aalborg from the top of the tower provides an opportunity to take a break far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

    The Aalborg Tower was built in 1933 for Nordjysk Udstilling (Exhibition North Jutland), and because it was too expensive to tear it down, Det Broderlige Skydeselskab bought it for only DKK 5,000. Even though it was built many years ago, the tower is in tiptop condition. Thanks to a thorough renovation in 2005, Aalborgtårnet is ready to serve its visitors for many years to come. For safety reasons, the tower is closed if the weather is too windy.

    Read more about the Aalborg Tower...

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  • Photo: Aalborg Zoo

    Aalborg Zoo

    2.31 km

    Precious experiences all year

    On the savannah, giraffes munch alongside zebras, kudus and the rare oryx antelopes. The polar bears enjoy a cooling dip in the water, the red panda has just been served fresh bamboo and suddenly you can hear a mighty roar from the male lion Akash letting the entire zoo know that this is his territory. At Aalborg Zoo, you can meet 11 out of the 12 most popular zoo animals and this is the only place in Denmark where you can experience the orangutan from Borneo and the Asian lion. 

    Aalborg Zoo is open 363 days a year - and no two days are alike. With far more than 100 different exotic animal species, educational experiences can be found all year round. You can see how the animals adapt to the different seasons and watch the baby animals grow. And you can try and find the curious and lesser known animals. In the South American house, the sloths climb freely about in the lianas above your head. This is also the place to be if you want to get close to an armadillo and perhaps see a capybara for the first time. 

    International programme

    Together with various organisations and other zoos around the world, Aalborg Zoo is highly involved in various international projects concerning the conservation of endangered animal species, nature preservation, sustainability, communication of knowledge and research.


    Aalborg Zoo is the first zoo in the world to get the ISO-certification. This has led to an increased focus on the environment with many years of efforts to limit and reduce negative environmental impact and working strategically with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Aalborg Zoo focus on the following areas: Reducing consumption of natural resources - especially of water, heat and energy. Recycling of resources through waste sorting. Conscious choice of materials e.g. FSC-labeled wood and choosing products that are locally produced or organic. Active participation in nature conservation projects locally as well as internationally. Dissemination to increase awareness among their audience about the environment and the connection with nature conservation as well as research collaborations that can contribute to the above points.

    Make the zoo your own backyard

    With season tickets to Aalborg Zoo, you can use the zoo as much as you use your own backyard. You can play on the playground as often as you like, do your homework overlooking the giraffes on the savannah, invite family and friends on a picnic at the cosy barbecue area or simply enjoy a quiet moment in the sun on our great lawn. You can also experience the zoo by night at our annual barbecue night or visit us early in the morning to see all the animals wake up. Once a year, you can invite a friend to the zoo for free and you will have free access to all the exciting events all year round at the zoo, including a number of discounts and free visits to some of the other zoos in Denmark.

    Seeing as Aalborg Zoo is located just 15 minutes away from the city centre, it is the perfect location for a family trip, a party, a kid's birthday, or simply just enjoying the nature away from the city-noise. If you are visiting Aalborg Zoo in a larger group, it is possible to order a guided tour which allows you to experience the "behind the scenes" of Aalborg Zoo, as well as to arrange a uniquely tailored event.

    Enjoyment and communication go hand in hand at Aalborg Zoo. At the Zoofari stage, the zoo’s own trained animals perform with their keepers in entertaining shows to teach the audience new things about animals from all over the world. At the elephant house, we focus on combating poaching in South Africa. Together with the zoo’s guests, Aalborg Zoo supports a groundbreaking project which successfully fights for the survival of elephants and rhinoceroses. Nature preservation is a part of the zoo's DNA. They use co-ordinated breeding programmes to ensure healthy and viable populations of endangered animals. Aalborg Zoo contributes animals to be reintroduced to the wild from its heard of oryx antelopes, a species which was formerly extinct in the wild.

    Practical information

    Aalborg Zoo offers several areas for you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Bring along your lunch or enjoy a meal at Restaurant Skovbakken in Aalborg Zoo…

    The exit closes 1 hour after admission stops.

    Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a leash.

    Read more about Aalborg Zoo...

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  • Photo: Springeren - Maritimt Oplevelsescenter

    Springeren - Marine Experience Center

    2.87 km

    Get lost in the exhibitions of more than 600 beautiful model ships, local history and hours of fun! With 15000 sq.m., of which over 2000 sq.m. are inside, you can easily spend hours here.

    See models of the RMS Titanic, the story of which we all know, as well as the RMS Carpathia, which was the first ship to arrive at the scene where the Titanic sank and therefore helped countless of the survivors from the lifeboats. The largest sailing ship of its time, the Danish school ship København (Copenhagen), which disappeared without a trace in 1928, is also displayed in the exhibition.

    You will no doubt have an amazing experience visiting Springeren – the last Danish constructed and built submarine, which still looks like it did when it was used by the Danish Navy. Take a look through its periscope and see the beautiful surroundings of Limfjorden and Aalborg. Behind Springeren you can climb aboard Søbjørnen – the fastest motor torpedo boat of its time! Look inside the boat hall and see the well-preserved royal boats, including the “Princess dinghy”, which Queen Margrethe 2. sailed together with her sisters when they were children.

    Fun for all ages

    Climb inside a decompression tank, shoot down hostile vessels in the computer game Farligt Farvand (Dangerous Waters) and compete with your family and friends; who can manoeuvre a ship through Limfjorden with our ship simulator?

    In the outdoor area of the centre you can see Aalborg Miniature City. Here, you can see a collection of old houses from Aalborg, dating all the way back to 1870 in the scale 1:10. For the youngest guest we have LEGO to play with, and in our shop you can find a broad selection of maritime souvenirs and toys.

    Bring your lunch and prepare for a day filled with maritime wonders and experiences! We look forward to welcoming you! You can find the opening hours on the website.

    Read more about Springeren in Aalborg...

    Presentation in English

    Around the museum, signs and displays are written in English. Brochures, maps and written information in English are provided, and, also, guided tours can be arranged to accomodate English speaking guests.


    There is a free parking area for cars and buses near the museum.

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