VW and Retro Museum

Take a walk in the past

The car museum with cool VW in Ulfborg is pure retro-cosiness and nostalgia.

Enjoy a day of pure nostalgia, cool VW retro cars blended with great exhibits from the 50s and 70s. Here is something for the whole family, fun experiences for children and arrow fingers, special details that start the imagination and stories from the time that Grandfather was young.

At the museum there is also an old grocery store with goods and wraps from 50 years ago. Thus, there is also something to look at for those who do not care so much for cars. Now there is also a department with old cameras.

For the car enthusiast, there are the most beautiful folk caravans and camping equipment to immerse themselves in and fall into drowsiness.

The exhibitions are distributed over the 1700 m2 large museum, which started with a collection on retroting back in 2008. The collection relates to both cars and household items from the same vintage as the cars.

Finish your family outing with you picnic basket in the café area.

Tickets: Adults DKK 75. Children 6-13 yrs. DKK 25.

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