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Nr. Vorupør is the largest and liveliest of the seaside resorts in Thy.

Here is sun, sand and water - of course! But also a cornucopia of shops with groceries, candle making, utility art, surfing equipment, smokehouses, cafes and eateries and not least the North Sea aquarium with "shark tunnel".

On the beach in Vorupør, the Blue Flag winds as an underline that here is the quality of the water at the top - while having a beautiful beach promenade taking shape and giving the whole area around the landing site an inviting touch that unites the classic seaside resort with the well-known fishing village.

Vorupør is part of Cold Hawaii, so when the wind is in the right corner, there is plenty of activity on the sea, which at the same time provides exciting experiences for the onshore fans - and if you are into experiences, the North Sea Aquarium is the right place with exciting and rare fish species from the North Sea, - and then you get close to eg. sharks in a tunnel. See more at Nordsø Akvariet Nr. Vorupør.In Vorupør there are several possibilities for accommodation, whether you want a house, hotel, camping or private accommodation. Find accommodation in Vorupør here. Like Klitmøller, Vorupør is the place for the wild ones on the board. Vorupør is one of the five best windsurfing spots in Europe. If you are on the wild North Sea, there is also plenty of opportunity to get a dip.
Vorupør is today - like the fishing village Lild Strand - one of the few places in the country where coastal fishing still thrives. The cutters are pulled up onto the beach with a hydraulic game. On the beach is the restored ship, Thabor, where you can board and sense a fisherman's everyday life. Vorupør is a mecca for anglers who themselves will take the evening meal off the pier or from one of the boats that bring them to The Yellow Rev.
At Vorupør Museum you can much else in the exhibition about coastal fishing see how the game at the landing site works.
Visit Havbadet in Vorupør.

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