Vognsbølparken - recreational park in Esbjerg

Take a walk in the past

It is a pleasure to walk through the open forest, play on the playground, walk along the small lakes and look at the animal park on the way up to the forest. There are mowed grass areas for ball games or sunbathing. Large meadows are grazed by Scottish Highland cattle and the birds can be studied from the bird tower.

Playgrounds, ball fields, common, zoo with sika deer, circus area, tables / benches and toilets.

Handicap friendly
There are stairwells instead of stairs and there is a disabled toilet.

In the summer, the park is the setting for the West Coast Race, open-air concerts, circus, theater and the May Day parade.

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Vadehavskysten, Ribe / Esbjerg

  • Vognsbølparken - recreational park in Esbjerg
  • Gl. Vardevej
    6700 Esbjerg