Visit a farm

Take a walk in the past

The place is modern and very different from most dairy farms:
"Many people have not been thinking hard about how it looks inside a modern barn," says Kent. He would like to demonstrate this to the public, for he is proud of the way Højvang is run.
Kent and Per have 450 dairy cows and have chosen to concentrate on what they do best; producing milk.

At Højvang, the cows have plenty of room in the barn. They can roam freely and have stalls with mattresses. They even have rotating brushes that scratch them on their backs, and their windows have curtains.
Kent think it is exciting to have visitors and show the farm to guests: "It's not a farm like those you see in old movies, because we have IT solutions for the most part" says Kent and continues: "It is good for children to see where milk comes from and how animals are treated – here at Højvang we treat them really well".

If you visit Højvang, the Davidsen Family will be glad to tell you much more about their farm.

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