Vindeholme Skov

Take a walk in the past

Vindeholme Skov stretches all way to the Baltic dike on the southwestern part of Lolland. Together with "Kongeskoven" it is the only actual forest area in this part of Lolland which is characterized by large flat fields.

· The lime forest tour: Red tour of 3 and 5 km.

· The Vindeholme-tour: Blue tour of 3½ km.

· The Vestenskov-tour: Yellow tour of 2½, 3 and 5 km.

· The tours can be combined.

Inquire at Nakskov Tourist Bureau,+ 45 54 92 21 72, where leaflets are avaiable.

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Visit Lolland-Falster
Visit Lolland-Falster

  • Vindeholme Skov
  • Ved Vindeholmevej
    4983 Dannemare