Vikingeborgen Borgring - Køge

Take a walk in the past


Borgring Viking Castle - Køge


Discover the amazing world of the Vikings at close hand when you visit Borgring Viking Castle


Explore finds from the Viking Age, join a 360 degree video tour of the archaelogical world of the period, and sense the Viking landscape from the observation post or the spectacularly staged monument that will give you an idea of the huge size of the Viking castle. As part of the ticket you will get our virtual reality glasses enabling you to take a journey back in ime to experience the Viking Castle at the closest range.


The wide and open landscape is also a great recreational area where children have fun and you can relax in a cosy atmosphere, perhaps with a lunch box that you are welcome to bring along to enjoy in the grass. Dogs are also welcome.


There are free conducted tours every day with our competent guides who will tell you more about the Viking Age and Borgring. For the exact times of the tours, please check our Facebook website 'Vikingeborgen Borgring'.

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