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They are working to repeat the success again in the summer of 2021

In the summer of 2020, a graphic designer, a group of cabinetmakers and designers who call themselves VæRK 21, created life in the old abandoned museum building - the former Stevns Museum - in Højerup by Stevns Klint.

They did so with a pop-up design shop - a different sales exhibition for arts, crafts and design. They presented the group's work as an installation in the middle of the building's large, beautiful and otherwise empty exhibition space.

For example, visitors could see furniture, lamps, home accessories, graphic works and unique jewelry.

The old Stevns Museum:

The museum building is located in the area by the old church ruin in Højerup - the church where a landslide in 1928 caused the church's choir to plunge into the sea.

The museum building was erected in the late 1950s, originally to house changing summer exhibitions.

In the summer of 2020, VæRK 21 partly revived the building's original purpose. Now they are working on repeating the success of a new exhibition for the summer of 2021. If this is realized, the page here will be updated with information about the new exhibition.

The team behind VæRK 21:

Graphic artist Anne Birkholt Nielsen, furniture designer Nils-Ole Zib, cabinetmaker Finn Holm Nielsen, furniture designer Claus Boye Petersen and jewelery artist Charlotte Mannstaedt, cabinetmaker Bodil Holstein, designer Cæcilie Telling and furniture designer and photographer Vibeke Maj Magnussen.




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