Universe Science Park

Take a walk in the past

Wondrous experiences await you

In 2022, Universe opens with a novelty - Beat the Storm!

There are many wonderful and fun activities you can embark on that provide lots of wauw moments and challenging experiences for both children and adults.

In our new Air Zone you learn about one of nature's great forces - the wind! Try your hand at a real hurricane simulator. Here you are exposed to a wind resistance of up to 32.7 m / s. You can both fight against the wind and against each other as a family - who gets there first and gets the push of the stop button.

The Sky Trail has been raised by one layer, so you can now move around at a height of 15 meters, while you take up the fight with 37 wild challenges.

Compete against each other in our wild TestLab, where you can challenge each other in a multitude of cool ways, collect points and see who is the best. Or follow one of the world's wisest scientists in the Full Dome and explore relativity theories with the boy Limbradur and the robot Albie.

Read more about the many VR challenges, Fire Zone and the digital Danfoss Museum at universe.dk

Dogs are welcome
As a dog owner, please read our section on Tips for dog owners, where we briefly describe the rules for bringing dogs into the park.

You'll be intrigued and educated: there are some ingenious and amazing things to do at the Universe Science Park!

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