Undervandsbygning Ganer Å

Take a walk in the past

Lookout Box by palates River a few hundred meters south of the housing at the palate River Park. As something special to be looking box is not used to study the area's unique birdlife. Instead, it is life in the river, which is in focus.

Underwater building consists of three precast concrete, set up and assembled over the winter under extremely difficult conditions. High water in the creek and a hard winter meant that the submarine building in the first game was not close. The building was closed to the public until spring 2011, but now the building is open.

Underwater building is probably the first of its kind in Denmark. "Look-box" as it is called, should provide new opportunities to get a glimpse of life below the water surface in a typical West Jutland streams. Underwater building is located a few hundred yards downstream by housing palates River Park. Access via Monastery Field.

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  • Undervandsbygning Ganer Å
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