Tverstedsøerne (Lakes)

Take a walk in the past

The lakes of Tversted is located east of Tversted and is one of the oldest dune plantations of the northern part of Denmark. The area is a great place for the entire family. Bring you picnic basket on a lovely trip to the forest area in idyllic surroundings, where you can enjoy the beautiful lakes.

From the lakes you can go through the dunes and reach the beautiful broad beach. Surrounding the lake, you will fine benches and tables and a house where you can enjoy your lunch on rainy days. The area has a large playground for kids, barbecue stations and a watch tower. You can also sleep in the shelters in the area and enjoy a night under the starts.

The area has great parking and large areas for playing different ball games.

Dogs are welcomed, and the plantation has a enclosed dog park where dogs are allowed to run free.

The lakes of Tversted is a popular destination and is one of the most visiting destinations of this area. The area has a large animal life with mallards, coots, moorhens and mute swans.

The lakes of Tversted was established in the years 1948-1952 by the damming of a small brook of Hvarrebæk.

See a brochure over the dune plantation of Tversted here.

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