Thyholm - a peninsula

Take a walk in the past

The peninsula Thyholm

Wherever you look at Thyholm you will find a wonderful nature. Here is fresh air, children-friendly beaches, fresh ingredients from land and water, cosy farms shops and restaurants, unique events, and lots of culture and nature experiences. 

You can go to a summer concert at Høloftet, go on a beautiful hiking or biking trip or eat a gourmet dinner at Tambohus Kro - Thyholm has it all. 


Oddesund covers both the north and south of Oddesund bridge and is a area with many good recreational experiences.

Here you can find around 30 bunkers from 2. World War. Currently, four of the bunkers have public access and are used as art galleries and information places for the area and its history. The international art hall Regelbau411 is very exciting. Here you will find four different exhibitions during the year, all with the dissemination of contemporary art in the fields of sound, light, and video.

In the Oddesund area you will also find Oddesund bridge, bunkers and Oddesundtårnet (tower). In Oddesundtårnet you will find many good and exciting information, which you can explore while walking inside the tower. Here is a description of the area and the history and a great view in the top of the tower. Oddesundtårnet is handicap friendly with an elevator and a handicap-toilet. Kultur Landskabet Oddesund is the northern entre to Geopark west Jutland.

Tambohus – Søndbjerg

The area of Søndbjerg and Tambohus has lots of beautiful nature experiences. Here you can with benefits use Tambohus as the starting point for experiences in this area. Tambohus is an old fishing village.

When you say Tambohus, you cannot get around Tambohus Kro og Badehotel (restaurant/hotel/Inn). Here you are served gourmet menus, other with fish and shellfish from the Limfjord just next to this Inn. Here are there no fast dinners and the food is prepared with love from scratch.

From Tambohus there is a nature trail to Søndbjerg beach, a child-friendly beach with coarse sand and clean water. Behind the beach, there are dues and a cottage area. Here you will also find toilets and parking.

From Tambohus there is also a short distance to another peninsula, Jegindø.

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