Thy Whisky

Take a walk in the past

Together with the distillery, its own malting and organic farming is run on the farm.

All stages of production from field to bottle take place here. The grain for the whiskey is grown on the farm's fields - both modern and old Danish varieties, which have been taken from the Nordic gene bank.

Thy Whiskey uses, among other things, book smoke and peat smoke for smoked whiskeys.


Thy Whiskey is open for visits all year round:

  • Farm shop and tasting room open every weekday and the first Saturday of the month at 12:30 - 16:00
  • Sale of whiskey and other products from the farm. Opportunity to enjoy a taste set between the barrels in the old horse stable.
  • Regular tours every Thursday, every 1st Saturday of the month and every day during the summer holidays at 15 - 17 (Book a place on Thy Whiskey's website)
  • Private tours by appointment (10-50 people)


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