Thisted Antik og Retro

Take a walk in the past

Dear Tourist.
We, at Thisted Antik and Retro are placed on Håndværker Torv 1, 7700 Thisted, in the far bottom end of Thisted pedestrian street. We are placed as part of Thisted Musikteater, and  we are a shop of approximately 300 square meters, filled with unique retro and antique finds.

When you enter our store, you will feel like you have walked into the olden days, with lots of vintage finds. We range widely in our collection, from quirky small knick-knacks to furniture and design, both Danish as well as foreign. Our primary field is good quality ceramics,  glass, Jugendstil silver- and gold jewelry, as well as beautiful furniture and lamps. Within all things we buy at the shop, we focus on doing particularly unique and rare findings, as well as everything being in great condition and good quality. In our current assortment of ceramics we carry pieces from artists such as Conny Walther, Arne Bang, Kahler, Bude Willumsen, Michael Andersen and Hjort, to mention a few. Furthermore, we also have a big collection of Grønlandica pieces, ranging from sculptures made from soapstone and bone, to doll shoes, weapons and medals.

Here in the shop we always welcome a good deal, as well as a talk about the history behind the antique finds.

Payment is possible with all cards, MobilePay and cash.

Our shop can also be found on:
Instagram: thisted_antik_og_retro_aps
Facebook: Thisted Antik og Retro Aps
Etsy: Antikthisted.

We look forward to meeting you in our shop.

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