The Sunset Viewpoint in Højen (Old Skagen)

Take a walk in the past

The Sunset Viewpoint in Højen (Old Skagen) has always been a major tourist attraction in Skagen, offering guests wonderful views of the northernmost sunsets in Denmark, and the area has recently been completely renovated.

A platform illustrating the Sun and a row of small sand dunes where you can go for a leisurely walk has been created. Biking is a very popular way to experience the area, and you will of course find a separate space for parking your bike.

The Sunset Viewpoint is a unique area, and the recently finished project focused on the preserving of the magnificent viewpoint and reconstructing the sand dunes.

The sand dunes have been re-established in a new shape with heights reaching up to 2 to 3 meters around the Viewpoint to frame and shelter it.

The platform measures 20 meters in diameter and is constructed with a slight tilt. Located within the shortest possible distance to the beach, it faces West – Northwest. The granite tiles are arranged in a pattern to mirror and reflect rays of sunlight and the clouds.

Because of the ever-changing landscape of the Spit, Skagens Odde, and the platform’s integration into the natural area, you will find that sometimes the platform may be covered in sand. If you visit another day, the platform will be free of sand and the edge makes for a lovely place to sit and enjoy the scenery. The diversity does not stop there, as banks of sand form on the platform, the perfect space is created for fun and play, and it will not be long before the platform is once again cleared of sand.

The platform is an effortlessly integrated part of the area and reflects the uncontrollable force of nature, which is the epitome of the Spit without which the nature around Skagen would not be what it is – a unique natural phenomenon.

At the Sunset Viewpoint, you can enjoy the amazing views of the beach from the comfort of the newly designed benches and tables.

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