The stretch "Drejet"

Take a walk in the past

Originally, Ærø was divided into two parts. Marstal and the easternmost part of Ærø were only connected to the rest of Ærø by the ford Drejet.

This meant that you had to sail to get from Marstal to Ærøskøbing, and in the village of Kragnæs there are still road names like Færgevej (Ferry Road).

Only when Gråsten Nor was dammed in 1856 - and thus won almost 4 km2 of land from the sea - did Marstal get a fixed road connection to the rest of Ærø. The dam was built to the north from Grønnæsvej to Kragnæs.

Today, Drejet connects the whole of Ærø and is part of the main road on Ærø, and is one of the most beautiful stretches on the island.

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