The Sense Garden in Fælledparken

Take a walk in the past

The Sense Garden in Fælledparken is the first publicly accessible sense garden in Denmark, and it gives you and your children the opportunity to play on a nice playground using all the senses.

The Sense Garden is a popular destination for day cares and families with children. On weekdays hundreds of children visit the garden. They run around between scrubs and flowers, granite blocks and sculptures.

The garden appeals to children's natural desire to explore their surroundings with all the senses. They make up stories and use their imagination when everything is not given in advance, and when the surroundings leave it up to them to give things life.

A tiny bit of nature
The Sense Garden is not trying to compete with the playgrounds that children enjoy so much - it's just a small garden, where time is quieter than the vibrant capital city outside.

The purpose of a sense garden is to compensate for nature, when the "real thing" is far away and inaccessible. It is a concentrate of nature and need to talk to all the senses and provide contrasting experiences of, for example, light and shadow, hard and soft, sweet and sour, smooth and rough.

Many of these experiences can be created by the use of plants only, but the possibilities can be extended with stone and wood materials and preferably also a little splashing fountain

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