The Medieval Centre

Take a walk in the past

Join us on an exciting and adventurous journey through time!

Step straight into the year 1411, where heavy siege engines are loaded and fired and exciting knight’s tournaments are fought. Exquisite ships sail into the harbour while skilled craftspeople are busy forging, hammering and weaving. Sundkøbing buzzes with life. Feel free to touch everything, and talk with the town citizens. They have stories to tell. The Middle Ages had it all. And so does the Medieval Center.

Taste the Middle Ages in "The Golden Swan" (Den Gyldne Svane)

The Medieval Center also offers experiences for the taste buds in authentic surroundings. Visit “The Golden Swan” (Den Gyldne Svane), Denmark’s only medieval restaurant, which serves food from the old Nordic cuisine throughout the season.

Inventions that changed the world

In the Medieval Center’s Technology Park you can experience the machines of Leonardo Da Vinci and other medieval inventors in real life. Built exactly as they were designed and conceived – and in full size!

The Enchanted Forest – Griffenholm

Exciting. Different. Magical. Follow the fabled animal hunter Julius Abraham Griffenholm and his assistants as they find and gather knowledge about fabled medieval animals and other mysterious and supernatural beings. It’s not just good. It’s eerily good!

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