The legend of Palsgaard

Take a walk in the past

The legend of Palsgaard – not for the faint hearted!

In the old days, a widow and her two sons, Rolf and Palle, lived at Palsgaard.

One night when the brothers came home from Horsens, they got into an argument in the forest at Boller, which ended up with Palle killing his brother.

As Palle came home his mother sensed that something was wrong and in the end he confessed that he had killed his brother. The mother hit Palle so at at his temple with her key ring, that he died and he is said to be buried in a in a barrow by the castle.

The legend also tell that there is a treasure hidden at Palsgaard – a valuable cross with the finest pearls and gems. As long as it is preserved and perceived valuable, nothing bad can happen.

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