The Legend of Knight Kalf

Take a walk in the past

Stenhøj beach is placed between Vejle Fjord and Staksrode Forest, where knight Kalf lived in his castle “staksevold”.

Knight Kalf was a robber and a bad guy and one day he got the name Kalf Golden Shoe, because he stole a gold shoe from the troll in Stenhøj. The troll got so mad that he cursed knight Kalf with destruction of everything around him and his family.

Hence, Stagsevold chrashed down every night even though knight Kalf tried to rebuild it everyday. Today the remnants are still there.

One day knight Kalf stood atop of the slope and looked at Vejle Fjord for ships he could rob. But the slope chrashed beneath him and he was buried in the deep.

An evil destiny has since followed the place and the slope still chrashes down sometimes in this day. Only a brave and selfless deed can breach the curse of the place.
Will it be you who breaks the curse?

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  • The Legend of Knight Kalf
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