The legend of how Gudenåen was named

Take a walk in the past

Once there was a demigod named Gudar. He stole a girl in Tinnet Krat, from where the Gudenaa has its source. The girl was named Else and she was famous wide and far for her beauty. Gudar tied her to a horsecarriage and abducted her. To prevent people from following, he steered the horses in intricate swirls and windings as they drove off.

Elses hapless dad went to the wise man in Tørring to get help to catch the girl thief. At first, the wise man sent the fire after Gudar, because the fire is the fastest. But the wise man couldn’t control the fire and burned his fingers. Then he had to send the water and hence he called all creeks and sources together. Roiling, these masses of water followed Gudars trail in all its windings and tore up the soil, so that big valleys were created. The water reached Gudar at Randers Fjord. Gudar drowned, while the beautiful girl Else was saved along with the horses. 

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  • The legend of how Gudenåen was named
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