The House of Amber Hennebjerg

Take a walk in the past

Bjarke is the designer of the jewellery you can see at this web-site. Bjarkes life with jewellery has been quite a fairy tale.

He has always been very fascinated by nature. To get close to it he bought a camper and put it at camp near by the Danish west coast in Houstrup. From here he often went to the beach to se if he could make an old boy-dream come true. And suddenly one rainy day in February 1997 he found his first amber.

Bjarke found about 250 grams and as he went to sleep he got a vision that he was going to make jewellery out of the amber, and make he living from it. He couldn’t help trying to do this, and it’s up to you to judge if Bjarke succeeded. Bjarke is more or less autodidact – he just made a three day long course how to do the silverwork. Year 2000 he bought a house near by the camp – also at the danish west coast and later 2003 he build my boutique here.

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