The german refugee cemetery in Oksbøl

Take a walk in the past

Just outside Oksboel, at the road between Aal Church and Boersmose you will find a very beautiful park. When you look a little closer you will see that it is the German Refugee Cemetary. Row after row of stone crosses remind you of the hundreds of people who found their last resting place here, after running away before the misery of World War II.

Like it appears from the central memorial tablet,1675 German refugees and 121 soldiers were buried here. These numbers will surprise the visitor who does not know that there was a very large refugee camp in Oksboel in the years after World War II.

This is because in 1945 Denmark's largest refugee camp was established in Aal plantation in Oksbøl. The refugee camp housed more than 35,000 German refugees after World War II.

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