The Danish Castle Centre

Take a walk in the past

In the middle of Vordingborg is the old castle area, which is a beautiful and historic place. On this historic castle bank you will find Danmarks Borgcenter, which is a state-of-the-art experience center that tells the story of medieval castles, kings and power.

As a visitor to the castle center, you get an AudioGuide and can then explore the ancient ruins and the exhibition hall.

Denmark's Borgcenter is both an experience for adults and children, and there are a lot of activities, tours and lectures are offered. And if you have a small dream of becoming a knight or princess, you can make your dreams come true in the Children's Castle Center, even if you have grown up.

In addition to the museum itself, you can also take a walk in the area and enjoy the view of the water, the green area and the buzz of history.

You can see the remains of the 710 m long and 8 m high ring wall, which surrounded Denmark's most important castle in the 14th century. Several kings have had their residence here. It was here Denmark's first constitution was ratified, and from where the Vendertogts departed under the leadership of Bishop Absalon. And it was here the kingdom of Denmark gathered after years of division under Valdemar the Great (1157-1182).

It is also here that you will find the very famous Gåsetårn (tower), which is the castle ruin's best preserved part and Vordingborg's most important landmark. The tower was built in the 1360s as part of Vordingborg Castle. The castle was the country's largest royal castle, and the Goose Tower is just one of the castle's nine towers.

The golden goose on top of the tower was put up there to make fun of the German Hanseatic League. The Hanseatic League was then at war with King Valdemar Atterdag, and he teased them by claiming that he was more afraid of a flock of squawking geese than of the entire German Confederation.

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