The Cooperative Village Nyvang

Take a walk in the past

During the summer the history of Denmark is relived in the cultural and historic museum the cooperative village Nyvang. Here, you can feel, touch, do, taste, try, smell and play your way through life in the 1900s. 

The cooperative village is one of Holbæk’s largest attraction. Here, you can watch the blacksmith and the dairymen working, you can have a cup of coffee in the eatery, taste some old-fashioned buttermilk, buy your meat at the butcher’s and bread at the baker’s, wash the dishes with soda and a scrubbing brush – and really just taste, smell, sense and touch your way to an impression of how life was back then”. For better and for worse.


Guided tours and carriage rides in one of Holbæk’s biggest attractions

It is possible to book a guided tour of the cooperative village. Please contact Nyvang to find out if the tour can be in English.

During the summer it is possible to ride a carriage every weekend. Remember to book in advance.
Opening hours of the cooperative village Nyvang (Danish).


Upcoming events at the cooperative village Nyvang

Every year several exciting events take place in the cooperative village Nyvang. See the upcoming events (Danish) and remember to contact Nyvang to find out if the event is worthwhile for English-speaking visitors.
Especially, the big harvest market and the Christmas market has something for everyone.

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