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Farm in Nørrebro
ByOasen is a new city-farm in "De Gamles By" at Inner Nørrebro. Currently ByOasen has chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds, a 135 m2 heated greenhouse, 15 allotments, 35 m2 of raised beds, outdoor kitchen with fireplace and a small playground.

ByOasen is a demonstrative example of sustainable urban development, with an organic farm in the centre and with focus on biodiversity. The social vision is to offer citizens a gathering place where resourceful citizens and marginalized groups can develop networks and skills through meaningful activities.

Take care of animals or cultivate vegetables
ByOasen is run by institutions and interested citizens together with animal keepers, nature rangers and environmental activists across age and culture. You can participate in the care of animals, in the growing of vegetables and in preparing sustainable meals.

Here kids living in the city can see themselves as part of the natural cycle, where all activities are necessary for nature, animals and humans.

Chicken Run is open: Monday-Thursday 10-12 and 15-16, Friday 10-12 and weekends 13:30 to 14:30.

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