The Children's Farm (Børnebondegården)

Take a walk in the past

Have your ever petted a miniature pig behind the ears, sat with more than twenty tame guinea pigs or raced a goat?
Children and childlike can experience all of this and so much more at the petting zoo Børnebondegården Dortheasminde in the small town of Serridslev. Many happy and friendly animals live here, and they are always ready to greet the visitors.

Meet the pony Josefine, the two naughty donkeys Alma and Molly, rabbits, goats, geese, pigs, and many other cute farm animals. You are allowed to pet all the animals both outside and inside the stables. In addition to all the animals, there are also playhouses, pedal tractors, campfires, and tables and benches where you can enjoy your lunch.

Bring your family for a trip to Børnebondegården, get up close with the animals, and experience the real farm atmosphere from a child’s perspective.
Bring a picnic basket and pour some coffee from the thermos, because it is going to be hard to convince the kids to leave. Enjoy your coffee while the children tire themselves out on the many pedal tractors.

The entrance fee is 40. DKK.


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