Strandingsmuseum St. George

Take a walk in the past

The St. George Stranding Museum tells the story of the dramatic shipwrecks off the coast of West Jutland and in the North Sea. The Museum has many thousands effects from the shipwrecks of the English warships HMS St. George and HMS Defence, who both stranded in Thorsminde on Christmas Eve in 1811. Almost 1400 mariners died in these two shipwrecks. 

All the exciting effects from the shipwrecks such as canons, guns and small arms, gold coins, musical instruments, wine bottles – gives a great impression of life aboard the ships in 1811.
Learn about all the stranding stories, and learn about how these events affected the coastal population in Thorsminde.

The stories are communicated through scenography, sound, light and film, the design of the museum is also based on the ship HMS St. George. Therefore, the museum, just like the ship, is 59 meters long and contains three floors, just as the ship had three decks. Through the three floors of the museum the 8.5 tons heavy rudder is the central focal point, which with its scent of tar and sea helps to drag the sea and the experiences under the water into the basement, where the light is blue, and you see wrecks.

Severe storms, mist and sea fog, unpredictable ocean currents, changeable depths and no islands to offer shelter have led to thousands of shipwrecks along the West Coast. On the Museum, you can embark on a journey in a world full of dramas, tragedies, love and heroism.

Children have free admission to the Museum, which also houses an outdoor maritime playground and its own café and restaurant.

Strandingsmuseum St. In 2019, George received the European Museum Award "The Silletto Prize" for his strong local anchoring and dissemination in a captivating way.


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