Take a walk in the past

Søbygaard was built by Duke Hans the Younger in about 1580 as one of four ducal manors on Ærø, and situated in the very scenic setting of the nature reserve surrounding Vitsø and Søby Ramparts, an impressive fortified mound from the fourteenth century.

The main house and the three-winged home farm are built on two artificial islands connected by a drawbridge.

Søbygaard is open from May to the Autumn holiday. The organization Kiss the frog offers outdoor activities for children and adults. Take part in whittling a piece of wood, tighten your bow on the archery court, cook over an open fire and much more.

Changing exhibitions are held in the buildings and during the summer months Friends of Søbygaard organize classical concerts in the concert hall.

See www.arremus.dk for the annual programme.

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