SMK Thy - Statens Museum for Kunst - Doverodde Købmandsgård - Merchant Farm

Take a walk in the past

At the museum you can experience and explore art through changing exhibitions, guided tours and events.

SMK Thy has an address at Doverodde Købmandsgård in Hurup Thy and has a view of the Limfjord and Thy's beautiful nature. All the museum's exhibitions are curated with a special focus on the local area and the surroundings.

Season 2021
Red poppies, white doves and a hugely dramatic story about a family from the Spanish village of Villar del Cobo. In this year's special exhibition VILLAR en face, you can experience new and older video works by the Danish artist Eva Koch.

Café and shop
When hunger strikes, the café at Doverodde Købmandsgård offers quality food based on local ingredients. In the associated shop you can buy handicrafts and other local products from Thy.

Opening hours
August 10 - October 15 at 11-16 Tuesday-Sunday
October 16 - October 24 at 10-17 every day
October 23 at 10-19

Season 2021 runs until October 24.

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VisitNordvestkysten, Thy