Skjern Enge

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Skjern Enge

Take a walk in the past

The nature area Skjern Meadows lies between Skjern and Tarm on the stretch from Borris to Ringkøbing Fjord. A 2200 hectare nature area which consists of meadows, wet areas, lakes, the River Skjern, the streams Omme and Gundesbøl. The area is owned by the government and is administrated by the Forest-and Nature Administrations local forest district Oxbøl State Forest District.

There are several ways to enter the large nature area. In the area there are 26 parking places most of them with a lovely view, tables and benches. It is also possible to get around in the area on bicycle and horse on the established cycle paths and riding tracks. On foot it is possible to go deeper in the nature area and on long stretches you can follow the river.

On foot, bicycle and horse you can cross the river by two majestic suspension bridges and by rope ferries which are used as in the middle Ages.

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