Silkeborg Ørnereservat, Rovfugleshow og Bisonfarm

Take a walk in the past

Closed for the winter season, but will open again in Spring 2022.

The fascinating world of the birds-of-pray

Silkeborg Ørnereservat, Rovfugleshow & Bisonfarm invites the public into the fascinating world of the birds-of-prey. In a humorous and instructive manner, falconer Flemming Sanggaard takes visitors back in time, from the very first “falconer birth”, right up to the situation for today’s birds-of-prey and falconers.

In this entertaining, highly unconventional and educational show, visitors meet free-flying hawks, falcons, owls and eagles, and the bravest of visitors can even try holding a bird-of-prey or an owl.

Now, for the first time, and as the only place in Denmark, audiences can also enjoy the ultimate close encounter with WORLD’s largest owls. See more at:

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