Take a walk in the past

Every day there is a fairytale show with real knights fighting on horseback. You are welcome to visit the knight horses in the stable after the performance. Here you can also meet the knight, who likes to tell tales from ancient times, and you can be allowed to try his armor.


Mystery hunting

The mystery hunt is for all shrewd detectives! Here you must follow the tracks through the old fairy tales of H. C. Andersen and the Brothers Grimm - solve the riddles and find the thief.

In Sagaland there are also lots of whimsical games and good old games. Here the whole family can challenge each other. It's fun - even for the adults. And the cosiness is completely screen-free!

Also try cutting neat paper cuts, kneading with yarn and wool, trying out old crafts or just hanging out by the fire.

You can bring your own food basket, you can borrow a barbecue.

Once the entrance fee is paid, everything is free - even the pancakes! Coffee and ice cream can be purchased.

Dogs are also welcome - on a leash.

Visit Sagaland - The Fairy Tales of All Time!


Opening hours: See SAGALAND's website.

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