Ribe - The oldest town in Denmark

Take a walk in the past

Visitors from near and far are fascinated by Ribe's quaint, charming ambience and the town's 1300 year-old history. In Ribe, the medieval past sets the stage for a modern present joined, seamlessly, into a vibrant town with a long list of exciting year-round activities to delight the young and the young-at-heart. Denmark's oldest town is steeped in history and art with shops and restaurants adding to an exceptional atmosphere.

Ribe is only a hop, skip and a jump from the Wadden Sea National Park where land and sea provide daily entertainment in the form of unparalleled nature phenomena. The Wadden Sea National Park can be experienced while hiking, bicycling or driving, and what about a trip to Mandø Island in a tractor-bus riding across the bottom of the sea? Nature is up close everywhere, in and around Ribe.

Should you want a little change of pace during your holiday, it is good to know that some of Southwest Jutland's whitest, sandiest beaches are less than an hour away. From Ribe, you can reach Legoland in a short, one hour drive. Towards the north, lies Southwest Jutland's biggest town Esbjerg, which offers proud traditions in music and, moreover, a long pedestrian street.

Please visit our website or the Visitors Centre in Ribe. We look forward to helping you create a memorable holiday in Ribe, Denmark's oldest town.

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  • Ribe - The oldest town in Denmark

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