Randers Brewery - beer tasting

Take a walk in the past

Give your friends, colleagues or family an experience with special beers for all senses. Beer tasting at R2Brewery with a tour around the brewery are an experience you will soon forget.

When you arrive to the beer tasting, it will of course start with getting the first beer poured in the glasses. This you can take with you around the tour of the brewery.  

There is stories to be told about the brewing process, about the business aspects running a hand brewery, and you will get plenty of good stories and anecdotes about the beer – all of this in the style of an informal conversation, fit to your interests.

At the end, you will get the opportunity to buy special beers home with you from the warehouse, your favorites from the tasting, or other of the delicious beer that fits your taste.

Tree different kind of beer tasting are offered, all taking 2-3 hours.

If you have some special wishes for the tasting, this could include a firm retreat with grilling, they are happy to make you a special offer.


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